Checks the message queues and sends queued messages when set criteria is met.

Logs a warning if a reboot has been detected. Total reboots are counted using a counter.

Collects server load metrics.

Collects server performance metrics using “vmstat”.

Collects and monitors server CPU usage.


Collects the total number of utilised CPU seconds for running processes.

Monitors the operating system log files.

Log File About
/var/log/syslog Monitored if exists and readable.
/var/log/syslog.out ””
/var/log/messages ””
dmesg Monitored for new lines if the program is available.
errpt -a ””


Performs some basic ArcShell house keeping.

Task About
‘.tmp’ file cleanup Removes ArcShell .tmp files that are older than 1 day.
Debug Session file cleanup. Remove ArcShell debug session files older than 1 day.
Track enabled notification groups. Keep track of the # of enabled notification groups. Log a notice any time is changes.
Monitor ArcShell files for changes. Tracks and logs any changes in ArcShell files.


Monitors critical OS files for changes.

Modify the targeted directories and files by editing the “critical_os_files” file list under “things”.